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About Guilded Salvage

So, this is where we're supposed to brag shamelessly, but that's not really our style. We do, however, love what we do and we are proud of our shop. Early on we got a reputation locally for having a clean, well-displayed and organized showroom and for being friendly. We've become the place, as one of our customers said, to "go to first," because if we don't have what they're searching for, our knowledge and helpful service prepare them to shop other places. With four other architectural salvage places in the Minneapolis area, we've settled into our niche, which is lighting and hardware. We can restore and repair our locks and lights upon request, although we appreciate and like to keep the original patina whenever possible. We also stock a few reproduction items to solve the new-to-old dilemmas and to augment a limited supply of original items that have frequent requests.

We called our business "Guilded Salvage" to evoke the trades guilds where information, technique and reverence for fine craftsmanship are shared and preserved, combined with the gilded homonym because we liked the idea of salvage with a golden sheen!

Most of our stuff is from houses, from 1880 to 1940, mostly local. We've been in business for over twenty years: nine years at our old Northeast Minneapolis location and now eleven plus at our Northside digs.

Thank you for visiting this page, 'hope to hear from you soon!
--Scott Rogers, proprietor

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